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exsposing myself.

When you believe in God. He encompasses everything in your life. You and he are friends. I am a friend of God. God is my friend.

And spirituality. Religion. Life style.. whatever you want to call it. Its the main player in the team that is your personality, and your identity.


So when strangers, celebrities, and worst of all, friends.... make a jest. or a snicker. or post things online that make God out to be trivial. or a joke? Because some asshole fringe groups of church goers say stupid things and publicize their prejudices on TV.... even though those people, really, have nothing to do with you....


It really. fucking. hurts.

and yeah, I know, 98% of the time its probably not at all directed at me.

But that doesnt make it hurt any less. its still a mockery to my existence and my heart's home. And in a lot of cases, apparently, my intellect.

also -

Im tired of being told Im too sensitive.


Maybe people should stop painting with giant broad brushes and think about how other people might feel. You know how "not all (enter religion here) are (enter stereotype here)" ?


Im sorry I am not in the "we think god is wack" club.


Wait, no Im not because I LOVE HIM.


Or is t hat funny?