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blah blah not writing enough entries ...

So, to any one who fallows me on Twitter, or even face book (but more so on twitter, its where i moan and rage) sorry for the total downer I have been. Depression has been hitting me hard lately, and I am still unable to get my meds.

so much so that I took a day off the diet. hopefully it wont hit me hard.

any one who is wondering, the grand total loss is 11lbs. surprisingly enough, even my father noticed a difference. thats saying some thing, dad doesnt really say things like "youve lost weight" to anybody. he's a guy, he doesnt you know ... notice things .. XD

I cant wait for the wether to get a little warmer, so I am a little less shy about my power walking. I try to go 4 - 5 times a week but some mornings its so icey and miserable and wet and cold o__o;

In other news... tomorrow is the St Patrick's day parade on the island. any one who knkows me well, knows that I am an Irish American. and I think this is the DUMBEST HOLIDAY EVER.

am I alone in this? I think I might be ....


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Oct. 28th, 2011 07:47 am (UTC)
congratz on the weightloss... :)
I'm trying to lose some kilo's to...

Found your page just by coincident...
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