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Happy sunday!


Tim and I finally got off our butts and tried out the Christ United Methodist church down the street.

considering every thing else on this island is either Catholic or doesnt sprechen ENGLISH ~ we will probably stay there.

the two best parts about it was the AMAZING ethnic diversity , and also every one was just SO welcoming and almost overwhelmingly eager to help is integrate and find work in the area. so there was a lot of love and acceptance.

the inside and outside of the church is so pretty and while it looks kind of large outside, it is rather cozy to border line cramped. the sanctuary is beautiful and has a real classic look to it. I almost want to say theres some thing traditional Austrian looking about the inside. (im really dumb when it comes to architecture though so dont quote me)

The worship was extremely traditional, though i prefer a mix of traditional meets contemporary, but we arrived on childrens worship day, which always makes any church feel a little more low key and kinda ...slower...

it wasnt the flashing lights stage production "charismatic" church that I dont respond well to, and thats a nice change from the southern style of worship that I just ... prefer to stay away from, if only because I feel like its very fabricated. If youre the kind of Christian who is in to that, that fine for you and all, I dont want to say youre wrong, its just not for me.

all in all it was a nice experience and we will likely be going back on an at least semi-regular basis XD. making strides to not be C&E Christians. =p